Do you need a Ghostwriter? A Book Doctor/Editor?
A Creative Storyteller?

Call me! I am an award-winning freelance ghostwriter, author, book doctor and editor of more than 70 published books. Several have been New York Times bestsellers and include both fiction and nonfiction. I’ll edit, rewrite, or ghostwrite your manuscript. I’ll write a winning book proposal, (many have resulted in six-figure advances for my clients) and I’ll help you find the right literary agent to represent your book and the right publisher. There’s no need to wait. Call me today at 615-279-8144 or email me at Donna@donnapeercewriter.com!

“Donna, you captured my voice in your writing. You’re really a great writer and I appreciate you!”
~Jon Dorenbos, “America’s Got Talent” Finalist 2016, and NFL Philadelphia Eagles Long Snapper

WINNING PLAYS, MATT MAYBERRYI have been working with Donna for almost 3 years now. I can confidently say that she is the best ghostwriter, book doctor and editor in the business. She works with celebrities, athletes, best-selling authors, and presidents of top corporations all over the world. One of the reasons why I love working with her so much is because she really cares about getting to know you as a person so she can help to get your message and book out into the world in a massive way. Whether you are looking to just write a book to sell in the back of the room or looking to get a major publishing deal, Donna will help you do just that and then some.”

~Matt Mayberry, Ex-NFL Linebacker for the Chicago Bears
“WINNING PLAYS: Tacking Adversity and Achieving Success in Business and In Life”
Center Street/Hachette Publishers, New York, 2016


Praise for Donna’s Writing

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