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Donna Peerce PhotoDonna Peerce is an award-winning, bestselling author, ghostwriter and editor of more than 60 books which include both fiction and nonfiction. Her books encompass all genres including romance, young adult, new adult, sci-fi, fantasy, action/adventure, westerns, time-travel, paranormal, business, leadership, quantum physics, health and wellness and more. She has also written several screenplays and have 2 movies (adapted from books) that are now in pre-production plans. Donna is skilled at interviewing celebrities and entertainers, especially musicians and performing artists. Her clients include top celebrities, professional athletes, CEOs, entrepreneurs, physicians, scientists, financial gurus, health & wellness gurus, and regular folks from all over the world. She admits she is a workaholic because she does what she loves, and writing has always been her first love.

Donna grew up on a sprawling dairy farm in Kentucky, and spent many days crafting stories at a little pond in the woods. In her own words, she swears that “Fairies played and danced around the little pond while the cows stood by chewing cud and watching with big round moo eyes.” The Fairies’ story, she says, laughingly, will become a novel someday.

Donna began her professional writing career as a first grader in elementary school as soon as she learned how to read and write, and published her first short story in a newspaper at age 11. This inspired her to continue in her writing endeavors and to combine these with video production, social media, art, and business communications. Throughout her life, she has always utilized a Heart & Soul approach to her writing and to her everyday experiences. She believes that the reason some books sell and others don’t is because the successful ones appeal to the heart and speak to the reader on a very personal level.

While attending Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Donna served on the newspaper staff and won numerous literary awards for her short stories and essays. After graduating with a bachelor of arts in creative writing, journalism, and broadcast communications, Donna worked for commercial and public television studios and advertising agencies, honing her skills as a scriptwriter and producer/director. Combining her video production skills with writing was a natural for her and she continues to freelance as a video scriptwriter, and travel video writer/producer/director.

Donna has ghostwritten, developed, “doctored” and edited more than 100 books in the past few years. Not only does she write for personal clients worldwide, she also has written for numerous corporate clients in Europe and America, and has completed books for agents and publishers. She has been a contributing editor for the Wall Street Journal and a managing editor for mainstream women’s magazines. In addition, she has written medical podcasts, travel articles and books, e-zines, website copy, brochures, newsletters, television and radio commercials, documentaries, screenplays and more.

Donna is a world traveler and has clients all over the world, and is based in Nashville, Tennessee and Burgundy, France. She does go back to Kentucky as often as her schedule allows to visit her little pond, where the cows and fairies are waiting.

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