Donna’s Bio

Note:  Due to confidentiality clauses, I am not allowed to divulge most of the books I’ve ghostwritten and especially the bestsellers.

Genre Specialties

  • Memoir/Autobiography
  • Pop Culture/Music/Entertainment
  • Business, Leadership/Motivational/Inspirational
  • Romance, Erotica Nonfiction and Fiction
  • Fantasy, Sci-Fi Fiction, Dystopian
  • Young Adult and New Adult Fiction
  • Historical Fiction
  • Book to Film, and Film to Book plus Graphic Novel for Entertainment Companies

Major Publishers & Global Entertainment Companies

Warner Brothers Entertainment Group of Companies, Burbank, California
McGraw-Hill Publishing, New York
Perigree Trade, Penguin Books, New York
Da Capo Press, Perseus Books Group, New York
Random House, New York
Health Communications, Inc., Florida
Tate Publishing, Oklahoma
HBO Television, New York, New York
Section 9 Entertainment, (Marvel, Animation) Santa Monica, California
HAAS Filmed Entertainment, Los Angeles, California
ITV Studios, Global Entertainment, London, England

For a more detailed, in-depth bio, please email Donna at

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