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You want to write a book or have a book that needs editing and polishing?

You have an idea for a book – a novel or nonfiction, but don’t know how to write it. Or, maybe you have written a rough draft of a book, but it needs doctoring and editing. Correct? Maybe you want to write a memoir or biography, but writing isn’t your expertise. Maybe you want to write a novel, but don’t know how to get started. Well, you’re not alone. Many clients all over the world including celebrities, futuristic scientists, gamers, politicians, actors, and regular people just like you hire me to ghostwrite, develop, and edit their books. I’ve written fiction that includes science fiction, romance, historical fiction, young adult, new adult, children’s fiction and more. I’ve written nonfiction that includes diet, wellness, health/nutrition, exercise physiology, quantum physics, business, motivational, spiritual, true-life courtroom dramas, memoirs and biographies, exposés, travel, adventures and more.

I would encourage you to contact me at 615-279-8144 or email me and discuss your book with me. That’s the first step.

The process? How do we begin?

Let’s get started. You tell me your idea or send me the notes you have and we’ll discuss it in detail. Then we’ll have a cup of coffee and begin a series of phone conversations or SKYPE calls that map out the book in simple, easy steps. . . I make the process fun and comfortable for you. I can also travel to your location if you’d like to meet me and work with me one-on-one a couple of days. I interview you and get the ideas for the book. I help you focus and organize your thoughts. Together, we’ll fine-tune your vision and outcome. You will provide any materials you already have, such as notes, diaries, recordings and background research. If you have nothing, then that’s O.K. I’ll talk with you and develop the information you give me. I can also research your topic and build a story that captures your tone and voice. As a chameleon and ghost, I am skilled at writing in other peoples’ voices.

The book is done. Now what? Literary Agents? Coaching?

Once I have ghostwritten, developed/doctored and/or edited your book, then I can find the best literary agent or publisher to submit it to. I have excellent contacts with top NY, U.K. and Hollywood literary agents and publishers. I will also coach you and guide you through every step of publishing. For nonfiction, I can also prepare a book proposal, branding/marketing plan, marketing analyses, query letter and synopsis. I’ve won six-figure advances for my clients from major publishers.
As a ghostwriter, you, the author, retain all copyrights. My name is not on the book and I do not receive royalties from this unless it is something the author and I negotiate. All ghostwriting is highly confidential, so you do not have to worry about anyone knowing someone else wrote your book. The references I display are authors who have given me permission to display their books.


My fee for ghostwriting and editing varies, depending on the length of the book and the subject matter, and whether any of it is partially written or researched. I urge you to contact me personally so we can discuss it. I generally require 1/3 of the payment up front, then another 1/3 halfway through the project and the balance upon completion. I am flexible with my clients and will work out payment plans to accommodate your budget. In addition, I take all major credit cards which sometimes helps clients manage their cash flow. Call me today at 615-279-8144 and let’s talk about the book you want me to write and/or edit. I look forward to hearing from you.

Manuscript Evaluation?

Before you can find a literary agent or publisher, it is imperative that you get a professional to give you an honest evaluation of your manuscript’s publishing potential. I will provide preliminary evaluations of both fiction and nonfiction book-length manuscripts for $200, which covers 50 to 200 double-spaced pages. If the book is longer, then my fee is $300 – 400. I’ll read your manuscript and then provide a summary of its strengths and weaknesses. Plus, I’ll give you an honest opinion in regards to the likelihood that an agent or publisher would read it. I can also offer you pointers to help improve your manuscript.

Keep in mind that my evaluation is not an editing job. It is a review of your manuscript and a critique only.
For a written evaluation, please email your manuscript to
You may send me a money order, cashier’s check or credit card to:
Donna Peerce
Heart & Soul Writing Center
4204 Hillsboro Rd., Suite 108
Nashville, TN 37215

I accept all genres including fiction, nonfiction, children, young adult, tweens and new adult. I’ll complete your evaluation within one week and give you feedback.
I look forward to hearing from you!

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